A Better Supply Chain - Supply chain panel

How do we support sustainable and mission driven companies throughout our supply chain. Investing in long term prosperity means having the right partners along the way. Listen to leaders in the industry that have taken a stance to do good and stand by their mission.

A political rollercoaster - The next 5 years

"The cannabis industry is inevitably connected to the political implications of our time. Given legalization, what will we see happen next?" Politicians changing their minds, states reversing decisions and new regulations that keep on popping up. A conversation with thought leaders on how the political landscape will be shaping up prior and after the upcoming presidential election

There is no silver bullet - Business & Cannabis

In an heavily regulated and competitive industry companies are forced to think outside the box. What are tools that are important to think about when you are fundraising, marketing, hiring... What are the roadblocks, and how do we circumvent them.

What Now? After the SH!T hits the fan!

It's been a turbulent 2019. Large companies going belly up, smaller companies consolidating, up is down and down is up. What are the cool and innovative approaches certain companies are taking to navigate these times. 

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